About Us

We are a small team of internationally renowned experts in microfludics with offices in Minneapolis and  Seattle. Please click the links on the left to learn more about each of us. Our experience in microfluidics dates back to 1994, close to the origin of the field. Our many past and present customers include:

• Fortune 500 companies.

• University research spin-offs.

• One-person garage-lab startups.

We offer contract research and product development services to help you:

Computer simulations of various interdependent physical phenomena in microfluidic devices.

• Implement an existing benchtop analytic or diagnostic procedure in a microfluidic device.

• Develop a microfluidics-based device that makes possible a process that is not achievable in a larger scale.

• Develop instruments to control fluid or thermal processes and signal acquisition.

Our expertise includes:

• Computer simulations of diffusion, dispersion, capillary wetting, electrowetting, thermal heating, magnetic separation, or chemical reaction in microchannels so that you can understand these processes in your device.

• Design and fabrication of prototype microfluidic devices.

• Instruments for manual or programmable control of pressure sources, temperature, fluid motion, and signal acquisition.

• Embedded microcontrollers with software and electronics for signal conditioning and process control.

Past projects implementing analytical procedures in microfluidic format involved:

• Flow cytometry.

• Optical sensing by reflectance and/or colorimetry.

• Sample preparation introducing multiple independent reagents.

• Nucleic acid isolation, amplification, and quantification.

• Diffusion-based extraction.

• Lateral flow based immunochemical detection.

• Live mammalian cell toxicity sensing.